Automated Blogging Machine creates value for domains

An Automated Blogging Machine can create value for domains by increasing their pagerank. These domains can then be sold for higher value. We have the expertise to enhance and create values for these domains and create a healthy return of 12 percent a year.

Money invested with us goes into buying low value domains which are then enhanced and converted into income producing assets thereby enabling us to create value and income from them.

We accept small investors with amounts of $100, $500 or $1000

We pay out recurring income of $1, $5 or $10 a month. This is 1 percent a month or 12 percent a year. These payouts are guaranteed as it comes from the actual income produced by the domains in our automated blogging machines. As a matter of fact, our machine makes at least twice the amounts monthly, thereby ensuring that we are always able to maintain our promised returns.

For investors with bigger capital outlay, we can discuss joint venture terms. Please contact us accordingly.


Asset Value of Automated Blogging Machine

1st Febuary 2012                             $1399.00
1st March 2012                                $1954.00
1st April 2012                                  $1390.00
1st May 2012                                   $3404.00
1st June 2012                                  $4110.00

This Automated Blogging machine started in Mid January 2012 with an asset value of $50.00


Try These Tips To Compose Great Web Content For Your Site That Carries Value Swiftly

Many people find that producing good web content is a challenging task. For many people, it just seems too time consuming to do all the research and writing required to write blog posts, articles and other content. That’s why you see so many advertisements for ways to get content without creating it, whether these are autoblogs, various types of software or other solutions. But if you want to achieve online success, you need to look beyond. This means either writing or outsourcing content that’s actually valuable to your readers.

With the help of, bloggers from all around the world sell contextual ads. Monetize blog and automate your earnings online.

Sites that don’t produce useful original content are usually overlooked by the search engines as well as your target audience. The following article talks about a few useful tips that you can use right away to create content that not only makes sense, but also makes an impression. Undoubtedly you might be able to outsource your content writing to a site like or maybe Elance, but that is your own decision that you need to make.

While you want to inform and educate your readers, good content goes beyond this. You must grab the reader’s attention with your headline. If you want your article to get read, the headline must be relevant and fascinating. The headline has to match the content well, and summarize it. You can either pull people in or turn them off by your headline. It takes some practice to learn how to write headlines that get results, but it’s worth the effort. This is something you shouldn’t overlook, as it can make a real difference.

When you help others solve their content issues, they will often help you solve yours. Finding content that’s appropriate for other sites will make you very useful to these website owners and bloggers. When you do this, it’s likely that they’ll return the favor when they see something you can use. It’s about practicing generosity and reaping the benefits.

You only have to find a few good sites on topics similar to yours, and that consistently publish original content. Think of ways to share and recommend some of their content. There are various possibilities for joint ventures when you start to connect with other website owners and bloggers.

Feedback is an important element of your online success. This means that you will fare a lot better if you ask your site visitors and readers to provide you with some feedback. Don’t just try to guess what kind of content your readers are going to like the best. Gather your feedback and use it to your advantage on a regular basis. This is how you will gain a clearer picture and actually impress your readers. This is how you will compose content your readers actually enjoy.

It’s time to get started!

Creating high quality content isn’t difficult or mysterious when you really look into it. The rewards for being a producer of such content are immense. You do have to be original and somewhat creative to regularly create original and interesting content. One you develop a system and a routine for creating content, it will be easier to produce it consistently. As long as you make your readers or visitors your priority, you’ll be sure to come up with content that’s first rate.


Steps In Making A Successful WordPress Autoblog

In spite of the reality that in could take considerable time to set up some of the blogs, autoblogging is still among the effective money-making methods online.

Because it began years ago, autoblogging has noticed a great deal of adjustments. In putting together an awesome campaign in autoblogging, one need to must know several issues about it together with some dos and don’ts.

In prior years, all of the marketers must do is always to make a fast weblog and insert content with the use of automated services which includes Yahoo Answers and sites like it. Right now, that is no longer possible since Google has a strategy discovering out duplicate content and penalizing the web site owner.

In the event you nonetheless use exactly the same method, you’ll only be frustrated simply because Google is most likely not going to index your weblog.

Subsequently, marketers turned to spun content for their blogs. However, this method resulted in poor quality and unreadable material. This led to either considerable fall inside the ranking of the weblog or total removal from the search final results.

Due to the fact the blog has gibberish content, visitors typically will leave the web site immediately since they are not getting what they want. Another widely utilized strategy then is keyword stuffing but this is no longer applicable given that search engines have penalized websites who do that.

Google just isn’t extremely quite fond of keyword stuffing plus that it has an outcome to content which is clearly unnatural. The keyword density really should just be inside the range of 2 percent to 5 percent.

Good results in world wide web marketing and advertising relies a great deal on the capability with the blogs to be identified by search engines. For that to be feasible, marketers require some time and effort trying to find the proper key phrases which have low competition but have huge number of searches.

In order to acquire profit in autoblogging these days, it really is a requirement that you simply brush up on your expertise and know all of the newest techniques specially on the things that function and things that don?t. There are several methods that may be purchased on the internet today that are in fact out-of-date.

Lots of people are still producing blogs that do not make any sense at all to human readers and only do it within the hopes of creating fast money. Possibly, gone are the days where net marketers just need to just spend few minutes in creating a blog making use of automated content that don’t truly appeal to human visitors and hope that it’s going to do nicely inside the search engines.

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Autobblogging Got Better With Free Auto Blogger

Tired of all of the scripts, plug ins, and garbage that’s going swimming for autoblogs. Yeah, me too. Time for you to try new things.

What’s Autoblogging? Well if you do not know, it’s just a WordPress or Blogger blog that runs instantly. What this means is rather than writing posts yourself, which may be tiresome, unless of course your an all natural born author, plug ins and scripts will write and publish them for you personally.

Autoblogs will increase your profits. The search engines do not necessarily like autoblogs much, however, many individuals have been carrying this out effectively and capitalizing from this for several years.

For me personally it simply never appears to operate right, posts looked strange and often had nothing related to my blog content. And So I really was glad to find Free Auto Blogger.

With Free Auto Blogger You Are Able To:

1. Fetch lots of Blogs from CSV files.
2. Whirl every publish to really make it one-of-a-kind.
3. Free Auto Blogger includes a press installer service.
4. You are able to construct large amounts of Blogs with mass word.

Options that come with Free Auto Blogger

1. Absolutely nothing to it Setup
2. Easy mass upload of the blogs- from CSV file
3. Automatic and Manual single blog setup: Copy/Paste your site url, username,password and it is live
4. Just drag and drop any RSS, XML, podcast feeds, article feeds, picture feed, even video feeds!
5. Fetch ALL Feeds from File with a single click.
6. Bulk edit feeds to manage templates, posting filters, key phrases and much more.
7. Mass config Feeds and advertisements, then create lots of blogs in your domain names instantly!
8. Bring into existence custom templates with links and ad banners to on subject sponsors in each and every publish.

Auto Blog On ANY platform…

1. WordPress,, BlogSpot, B2evolution,WPMU and much more….
2. You should use public blogs or install your personal wordpress in your domain then use.
3. You will get the “Corporate Package Service” and let Great Mass install word press on Limitless domain names and Manage all of them!
4.Free Auto Blogger can install on any web site through Automatic config login, or by means of built-in FTP.

Manage One Or 1000′s Of Energy Blogs

1. Limitless Blog Management
2. Simple to use keyword filters to authorize or block content inside publish.
3. With FreeAutoBlogger you are able to really set and end up forgetting a variety of autoblogs and be assured this proven masterpiece of coding is going to do the task flawlesly, with no glitches, with no further assistance-for many years!

Built-in Publish Creator Very easily produces a publish Within minutes!

1. Very easily create distinct advertising publish, or import bulk advertising from file. Even import from XML url’s! Numerous sponsors offer content wealthy affiliate feeds and you may determine posting interval to combine along with other xml content!
2. Therefore if your much like me and attempted autoblogging before, but were getting under desirable results, then you might like to try the disposable form of Free Auto Blogger. Allow it to release your time and effort and fill your pockets with money.

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